Friday, July 15, 2005

into the weekend...

It's amazing how one day can be so boring at one moment, and so interesting the next...

I woke up to the blaring alarm of my phone. It's not exactly the earliest of mornings (try 8:45a.m.) but after sleeping for only 4 hours, it's giving me a headache. Still, i woke up and managed to help out in the chores of the day.

I get to chat with Clang, thru YM. We discuss about life, love and the ever burning question of casual sex. Huh? Say that again?!? He's pretty kewl to give a guy's point of view about the issue, and we tap into weird connections as well as infamous friends who have done it, are doin it and athe consequences of thus. Hmmm, sounds like a talk show issue... will have to check that out.

Funniest thing though, Clang is well, the last person i would have expected to have this conversation with. :-P

+ + +

Come noon, my tito's friends help me out by giving me some leads to temp jobs --- interesting to note that these guys, despite their appearance, have pretty cool connections in California. Nice.

Slight alarm goes off when one of them suggests i marry one of his comrades to get a green card. Yikes. :-P Uh, let's get into that when i am really desparate, shall we?

+ + +

I break in my "new" clogs (got it in a vintage store in Melrose) with my cousin by commuting to Long Beach Mall in Carson. Hot day, heavy clogs. My feet begin to hurt after taking about 15 mins, but since we're far from home, i try not to wince every time we take a step.

Toured the Staples area with Justin to check out the cool office stuff. If i was still working, this would be Mecca... all those office stuff and so many possibilities! Ooohhh.... (geek mode) I talk shop with a store assistant who, obviously, knows very little of paper. My cousin ends up pretty freaked out by how "professional" i sounded. Heheheh. See, it pays to know office jargon. :-P

We take a break by checking out some stores in the area. I never got to see Barnes & Noble again since A) I had no money to buy any books, and B) it was too far (try about a block of walking in shoes that are ready to rip your skin apart). *sigh*

Heading home we take the 101 bus which, for some reason, didn't even notice our stop request (freakin' weird). We had to walk to the bus stop and *gasp* wait for the 172 which came, unfortunately , late as usual. Killed time by taking inane pics of Justin and me waiting at the stop, nit to mention checking out people and cars as they pass by. Not bad to spend your 30mins. If only they had a bench and some shade though....

What have i learned from all of this? First off, Marriage is the last reasort you can go for if you wanna get a green card (especially if the guy is more than twice your age). Second, a book really comes in handy, as well as a camera. Third, never break in your shoes when there is a HUGE chance that you'll be walking a lot!

+ + +

Next stop, downtown LA....

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aMgiNe said...

hope u get to sleep longer tonight. and about the shoes, well no pain, no beauty. hehe

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